Not only Chester … this year, some great talent died as in the past years. They leave behind their families and children, but will always remain unforgotten through their great works. Chester died of depression and committed suicide. Depression is a serious issue. Rest in peace Chester and all the other big ones like you. #EDM #EDMFamily #Chester #RIP


Krusch & Krempel – Univers

Krusch & Krempel – Univers <h3><a href="http://kruschundkrempel.de/product/univers/">Get it Here!</a></h3>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUIvJzVrb8c <article id="post-482"> <a href="http://kruschundkrempel.de/free-download-track-unsivers/"> March 17, 2018 </a> <!-- date -->

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